Carnie Wilson Reveals How Wilson Phillips Ended Up On “FourFiveSeconds”

Somehow in the whirlwind that was the “FourFiveSeconds” drop we all missed an important tweet:

Yes, Wilson Phillips are on the Rihanna-Kanye West-Paul-Mccartney single too, and Billboard spoke to Carnie Wilson about spending time in the studio with Kanye.

[Kanye West] said, ‘When I think of authenticity and I think of angelic, I think of you.’ He was really shy and he would just smile and he’s real soft-spoken, then all of a sudden when he started playing all these songs, he was dancing around the room. It was just like how Michael Jackson used to be. When he would press play, it was like, out came the artist and the creativity was just really there.

Kanye West listening to Wilson Phillips records is my new favorite Kanye moment to imagine. And so much for all the control freak rumors, according to Wilson, Kanye told them to take the song home and see what they came up with:

We didn’t know if we were singing on a section of the song — originally it was supposed to be just the bridge. He gave us sole freedom to just do what we do. We just went in there and let loose.

Do you think this is the last new information we’ll get about someone else who is on the song? Or will people continue to come out of the woodwork all through 2015?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.]