Watch The Mountain Goats And The King Ad-Rock On Seth Meyers

There’s this great thing that happens in the rare event that the Mountain Goats get to play a late-night show. At some point during the performance, frontman John Darnielle will look over at bassist Peter Hughes, and they’ll exchange one of those “holy shit, we’re getting to do this” looks. It’s the best. Today, the band’s truly great pro wrestling-themed album Beat The Champ hits stores (you can read much more about it here), and Darnielle and co. were musical guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night. On the show proper, they brought a horn section with them and played the awesomely peppy and blood-themed album track “Foreign Object.” And as a deep-cut fan-service bonus, they also trotted out an older song: “Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into the Water, Triumph Of,” the last song on 2004’s wonderful meth odyssey We Shall All Be Healed. They were great, as they always are. On the same show, the slightly drunk Beastie Boy Ad-Rock rolled through to promote the new movie While We’re Young and proved to be a ridiculously charming late-night guest. The clear best moment was when Ad-Rock endorsed the beautifully cheesed-out Vin Diesel action movie XXX. Watch the two performances and the interview below.

Beat The Champ is out now on Merge, and it rules so hard.