Watch Kanye West Rap With His Late Mother In A Newly Surfaced Home Movie

Everytime Kanye West pays tribute to his late mother Donda West, as on the recent single “Only One,” it’s an absolute heartbreaker. But Kanye was making heartfelt songs about his mom when she was alive, too. “Hey Mama,” from Late Registration, took on a tragic context after Donda’s death, but it was plenty heartwrenching when she was still around to hear it. And in a newly resurfaced video, from an MTV special about the making of Late Registration, is the sort of thing you should only watch if you’re emotionally prepared. It’s Donda rapping some of Kanye’s old lyrics to him, and then it’s Kanye and Donda giddily rapping along to “Hey Mama” together. It’s so nice, and it’s so sad. You can watch it below.

(via FADER)

So uh maybe let’s all call our moms today, huh?

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