Slime – “My Company”

According to the story, Will Archer’s early family life was completely devoid of music. His sole sonic inspiration derived from the rhythms and clicks of his father’s coffee factory. Later, he embraced a drum kit with equal fervor, and now that Archer makes music as Slime, his obsession with percussion still lingers. After releasing the Increases and Increases II EPs, he has signed to Weird World and will release an album sometime this year. Before that though, the London-based producer is releasing a pair of singles — “My Company” and “In One Year” — to establish his ringing, angular sound. I was certain “My Company” would remain completely instrumental, drums oozing and pressing themselves against synths for four minutes, until I was wrong. Just after the two minute mark, fast-forwarded magnetic tape vocals emerge, bleary with their own memories, but there. Slime is clearly not to be underestimated. Listen below.

“My Company” b/w “In One Year” is out 5/11 via Weird World.

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