Day Wave – “Drag”

Loneliness can be a crippling, predatory thing. But it can be a good thing too, even an enjoyable one. Sometimes being alone, craving the company of someone else, is what drives us to become better versions of ourselves. On “Drag,” Jackson Phillips aka Day Wave taps into this, using his fear of rejection to sculpt a dream pop pastiche of glum self-reflection. “You say I’m always gettin mad/ I’m always such a drag/ But I’m not like that,” he croons, brushing off the insult, instead searching for a way to cure the loneliness of both parties. (Related lyrical observation: “You say” hasn’t taken on such a weighted, accusatory tone since Lisa Loeb wanted you to stay). This song is like one of those moments in junior high when you’d have an after school run-in with your crush, but neither of you are willing to admit you want the conversation to last longer than a moment. If Real Estate turned their bleary guitar solos even farther inward and leaned hard on some rubbery pop synths, you’d get Day Wave. Listen below.

(via KCRW)

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