The Wrens’ New Album Is Done

After 12 years and many promises that the follow up to The Meadowlands was almost done — or even completely done — we now have photographic proof:

Sure, maybe it’s just a picture of a CD-R with some sharpie posted on Facebook, but that’s good enough for me. Here’s what they wrote along with the picture:

Overnighting to the record co. today so they can hear. The final mastered version will be done next week sometime (surprisingly those aren’t formatted on home-burned CD-R’s bought in bulk at Staples 15+ years ago). Still, a good milestone & the light of a normal life is beginning to be visible at the end of a long crappy tunnel.

Considering 2015 has already blessed us with an incredible abundance of new music, I actually believe it this time. Read our oral history of The Meadowlands if you need something to tide you over.

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