J Fernandez – “Read My Mind”

J Fernandez is literally a map maker. The Chicago-based bedroom pop experimentalist spends the day immersed in cartography, and carefully lays out gauzy, baroque pop in his free time. Born Justin Fernandez to Filipino immigrants, he’s been steadily constructing a sound that falls somewhere between psychedelia and destroyed pop. Building off last year’s Memorize Now EP, “Read My Mind” is one of our first glimpses at what his debut full-length Many Levels Of Laughter will be like. It plays out like an old Beatles record that’s been stripped for parts and re-assembled in a MIDI-ridden, alternate universe. All the angst buried here manages to untangle and soothe itself over the course of the song. That’s what bedroom pop is for, right? Listen below.

Many Levels of Laughter is out 6/6 via Joyful Noise.

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