Watch Madonna Make Her Stand-Up Comedy Debut And Perform “Bitch I’m Madonna” With Diplo On Fallon

Last night Madonna appeared on Jimmy Fallon to perform her new Nicki-Minaj co-signed Rebel Heart single “Bitch I’m Madonna.” She was decked out in bling, chains, and thigh-high fishnets for the appearance, and even enlisted Diplo, starting the song backstage in the dressing rooms and then bringing it out to the floor. In the process a kid with a skateboard and a security guard both lip synced “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” which was a highlight. She also grabbed a random dude from the audience and, uh, danced with him… aka shoved his face in her crotch. However, the fact that she can dance like she this at 56 is practically a superhuman feat, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the performance — even if I’m not a fan of the grills she appears to be wearing. Watch it all go down below.

But this is Madonna; she can’t be relegated to a single performance! She also made her “stand-up comedy debut” and told a few jokes about dating younger men.

And finally, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon helped her perform a kooky version of “Holiday” on classroom instruments:

Rebel Heart is out now via Interscope. Read our ranking of all of Madonna’s albums here.

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