The 9 Best Moments Of Coachella 2015 Sunday

There were headliners on all three days of Coachella, as there are every year. But this year, there was really only one headliner, and that one headliner was Drake. People talked about that Drake show all weekend. People rapped Drake lyrics at each other every time there was a conversational lull, or asked strangers who they thought Drake would bring out. It was Peak Drake out there. And that made sense, as Drake is having a moment that’s stretched for several years now. He’s changed the sound of rap radio and the template for what a successful rapper is. He’s made songs with just about every important figure in the genre, and almost all of those songs are good. He’s a millennial favorite but still credible enough that most (most, not all) of us older folk don’t eyeroll him out of the room. And practically every song of his is really, really fun to rap along with. Coachella absolutely couldn’t have picked a more perfect headliner for the year, and his almost-entirely-solo set had the crazy effect of making the rest of the weekend feel like a prolonged opening act. Still, though, there was a lot of great stuff out there on Sunday, including a fascinatingly rich supply of punk and post-hardcore bands. Here are the best things I witnessed during the day, and I promise they aren’t all Drake-related.