Hudson Mohawke – “Ryderz”

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke has already made an indelible impact as a producer by working with Kanye West on both Cruel Summer and Yeezus, but on his second solo album, Lantern, Mohawke seems determined to keep pushing his sound forward. We previously heard the album’s debut single, “Very First Breath,” featuring French vocalist Irfane, and though it featured plenty of his signature buzz, it was slow and lovelorn. “Ryderz” is similarly slow in overall feel, but it builds on a manipulated old soul sample that’s been sped up until it chirps. Actually, this may be the most like Dilla that any Hudson Mohawke song has ever sounded, given the way that vocal samples are distorted and maneuvered, then thrust into the forefront only to be submerged again. It’s an incredible contrast, and one that the producer plays to the hilt to create a song that feels like it’s outside of time. The isolated gospel/soul samples remixed with current production also reminds me a lot of what Samo Sound Boy is doing on his new album, Begging Please. Listen to the Rinse FM rip below.

UPDATE: Here’s a CDQ stream without DJ tags.

Lantern is out 6/16 on Warp. Pre-order it here.