Jim James Has Perfectly Reasonable Response To My Morning Jacket Album Leak

Jim James Has Perfectly Reasonable Response To My Morning Jacket Album Leak

My Morning Jacket did a Reddit AMA a few hours ago, and Jim James further confirmed that he’s one of the most empathetic, thoughtful people in the industry right now. Someone asked him how he felt about the new My Morning Jacket album The Waterfall leaking early, and here’s what he had to say:

leaks are strange. i think they are unfair because sometimes they happen when perhaps the music is not ready to be heard. but perhaps it is ready to be heard? it is tough. the music industry is fucked because- you already get the album for free on streaming services…so you dont even have to buy it anymore! you dont even have to steal it anymore!!!! i guess i am flattered anyone wants to leak our album at all so in the grand scheme of things who fucking cares right? i mean shit people cant afford health insurance so phew jesus i mean shit is crazy!!! i do feel like if you really love a band you should support them in some way- go to a show. buy a record even if you already stream it/stole it. but in other ways it makes me happy that people with no money can now stream everything for free. that is pretty sweet because music is for everyone and music should be free and easy blowin in the breeze BUT BUT BUT it does cost a lot of money to make music and musicians are hard working people just like a plumber or an electrician you can download and steal(yet) the pipes you need for your toilet so you shouldnt steal from hard working musicians either who are also just trying to put food on the table and keep the lights on this is jim

First of all, his humility about the fact that people do clamor to hear his music early is a refreshing note. I especially love how he acknowledges that given our fucked up economy, not paying for music is a lower priority, while still addressing how tough that trade-off is on working musicians. This isn’t quite an anti-Tidal stance, but I’m going to say it’s close.

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