Wise Blood – “Cretin’s Club” (Feat. Priscilla Sharp) (Stereogum Premiere)

Last year, weirdo-pop auteur Chris Laufman, aka Wise Blood, produced an EP for fellow Pittsburgh oddball The Moon Baby. The experience of creating music for someone else’s voice must’ve gone pretty well, because “Cretin’s Club,” the first new Wise Blood track since 2013’s id, is also the first Wise Blood track to feature someone other than Laufman on vocal duties. Over a skeletal, hiccuping beat — the kind of hair-raisingly sinister lurch that gets under your skin in the best possible way — Priscilla Sharp’s voice twists and layers itself until it sounds like it’s coming from all directions at once, trapped in a hall of funhouse mirrors. And then, in its second half, the song takes a sharp left turn into euphoric cut-and-paste sample-pop, because sure, why not? “Cretin’s Club” is exactly the sort of off-kilter, warped pop construction that Wise Blood does so well, and it’s certainly got me excited to hear the rest of his upcoming Babyland EP. Listen below.

The Babyland EP is out 5/5 via Hope Sick Cola.

Wise Blood

[Photo by Pat Roukus.]