Watch Nile Rodgers & Chic Get Disco-Euphoric On Kimmel

Nile Rodgers’ band Chic is a disco institution, and they were all over the nostalgia-tour circuit for years before their recent Daft Punk-spurred comeback. Last night, they were musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and you should not be surprised to learn that they brought it onstage. On the show proper, they played the euphoric new single “I’ll Be There.” I don’t know how many bass solos there have been on the Kimmel stage, but that most-assuredly-very-small number got another one added to it last night. As an online bonus, they also did the beyond-classic 1979 single “Good Times.” They made a few questionable decisions during that one: Letting audience doofs onstage to dance, rapping the first verse from “Rappers’ Delight,” forcing a salsa break in there. But, I mean, it was still “Good Times,” so it still ruled. Watch both performances below.

“I’ll Be There” is out now on Warner Bros., and there’s a new album coming in June.