Remy Banks – “n1go”

After a string of one-off collaborations, a tour with Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples, and the debut of the lead single “rem.,” Queens rapper Remy Banks has finally announced the details for his solo debut mixtape higher. Above is the album artwork, which was shot in Oregon by Brock Fetch. The project will be out 5/18, and today he’s teased it with another new song, “n1go.” One of the things I’ve always loved about the World’s Fair crew is their innate sense of rebellion. These are the kind of guys who will show up at your party and then yell at you about how much it sucks. If you’re unfamiliar, see “B.O.T.P.” for reference. “n1go” channels a similar unrighteous indignation; it’s a sneered screed against the bourgie bottle-service-lifestyle that could’ve only come from a native New Yorker. Banks flips the chip on his shoulder into a slinky, smooth song that the unsuspecting basics will sway to at the club without realizing it’s a reprimand. “My whole clique turned the VIP into a mosh pit,” he smirks over Black Noi$e’s synth-bubble production, willfully mispronouncing V.I.P. with sly savagery. The track bleeds into two personal voicemails as a sort of epilogue, fragments from a turnt up night gone right. A cheerful drunk, rambling dude gives way to a girl who is undoubtedly more than a friend — but the track beeps her off before she gives anything away. Some things are always sacred.

Here’s the full tracklist:

01 “inhale” (Produced by Sporting Life)
02 “let ‘em know” (Prod. Sporting Life)
03 “the function” (Featuring World’s Fair & D.R.A.M.) (Prod. Black Noi$e)
04 “higher” (Featuring Erick Arc Elliott) (Prod. Erick Arc Elliott)
05 “things i do” (Prod. Black Mack)
06 “n1go” (Prod. Black Noi$e)
07 “7th heaven” (Prod. Black Mack & King Krule)
08 “rem.” (Featuring Nasty Nigel (prod. Left Brain)
09 “a new york love pt. 3″ (Featuring Syd & Joyce Wrice) (Prod. Super Leek$)
10 “feast” (Featuring HAK) (Prod. Sporting Life)
11 “exhale” (Prod. Black Noi$e)

Higher is out 5/18.