Wet – “Deadwater”

Massachusetts trio Wet are back with more of their sticky, molasses-sweet pop. “Deadwater” is the debut single from their long-anticipated full-length album Don’t You. Kelly Zutrau’s been singing about treading water and slinging around the dead weight of a relationship. Wet have typically sloshed tropicalia and R&B into sad, misty opulence — the appeal of tragedy is always more tempting than the solidarity of a happy ending. Pop songs about giving up are victorious in their own right; it’s better to be on your knees, defeated, rather than begging someone to stay. “Shaky and I’m on my knees/ There are better things for me,” Zutrau sings, clear-eyed even if the future looks murky. Listen below.

(via Fader)

Don’t You is out this fall via Columbia.

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