You Can Call In To Shamir’s “Call It Off” Relationship Hotline

Shamir has set up a relationship hotline to promote his new single “Call It Off.” Of course, the first thing I did was give it a call with the hope that Shamir would answer and help me figure my shit out. It turns out that you have to leave a voicemail detailing your relationship problems and hope that he’ll get back to you, so I got nervous and just said some fawning words of praise before hanging up. Maybe I’ll go back for some real advice later. But the hotline itself is pretty fun — you have the option of listening to a tinny version of “Call It Off” that sounds decidedly retro coming out of your shitty phone speakers, and there’s a few other little surprises if you poke around on the keypad enough. Watch a video teaser for the hotline below.

Shamir’s debut album Ratchet is out 5/19 via XL.

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