Mac McCaughan – “Wet Leaves” Video

In a couple of weeks, longtime Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan will release Non-Believers, the first solo album he’s ever recorded under his own name. We’ve heard “Lost Again” and the 7″ version of “Box Batteries,” and now McCaughan has made a video for the lilting DIY synthpop song “Wet Leaves.” The video comes from director Trudy Benson, who also did the Non-Believers cover art. It’s pretty much just a time-lapse image of an abstract painting coming into existence, and it mostly serves as a vehicle to hear the song. And the song, with its longing yelps and its backing vocal from Annie Hayden, formerly of the ’90s indie band Spent, is well worth hearing. Listen to it below.

Non-Believers is out 5/5 on Merge.