FFS – “Collaborations Don’t Work”

Look what we have here, an ironically titled Franz Ferdinand song! The nervy British indie rock group recently teamed with the cult ’70s brotherly duo Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks to form a supergroup called FFS, so the song title “Collaborations Don’t Work” is obviously a jab at their own endeavor. But what follows works. It’s a paranoid, Queen-level symphony of piercing harmonies and drama, citing Beethoven and Frank Lloyd Wright as solitary geniuses who didn’t venture into the quicksand of collaborating. Due to the tongue-in-cheek dialogue and fake infighting “Collaborations Don’t Work” ends up feeling like a song from the part of a musical where things get contentious — the fact that it’s almost seven minutes long increases that perception. Along with “Piss Off” and “Johnny Delusional,FFS seems to be pumped full of surging, bratty MIDI-jams. Listen below.

FFS is out 6/8 on Domino.