Outfit – “On The Water On The Way”

Liverpool five-piece Outfit are releasing their second album Slowness in June. Though the band originates from that British city, the past few years saw them living in different cities and countries. Chalk the new album’s psychic fluidity to the physical distance and emotional uncertainty that long distance creates; it sort of lengthens and stretches relationships into new versions, and the band’s sound has followed suit. As they morphs into a more psychedelic-synth approach, we’ve first heard the extremely topical “Genderless” and seen the trippy video for “New Air.” Today they’ve shared the breezy, biting “On The Water On The Way,” a track that frontman Andrew P Hunt describes as “smiling through the storm.” There is a cheerfulness here that feels a little disingenuous, like showing your face at a party you desperately don’t want to be at, just to prove you’re thriving. This song wallows inside itself as images of stormy beaches, empty TV screens, and drained bank accounts form a magnetic, jagged spiral of pulsing loneliness. Listen below.

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

Here’s the full Slowness tracklist:

01 “New Air”
02 “Slowness”
03 “Smart Thing”
04 “Boy”
05 “Happy Birthday”
06 “Wind Or Vertigo”
07 “Genderless”
08 “Framed”
09 “On the Water, On The Way”
10 “Cold Light Home”
11 “Swam Out”

Slowness is out 6/16 via Memphis Industries.

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