Dreamtrak – “The Tide” (Feat. Alexander Burnett) (Stereogum Premiere)

London producer Oli Horton selected what might be my favorite new artist name: Dreamtrak. It’s sleek, elegant and, well, dreamy — and so is his music. On the previously released track “Contemporary,” synths ping against each other, pin-balling through a maze of squashed, twitchy beats. Forget all that. “The Tide” immediately scales cinematic heights, synths pedaling full speed ahead to an inevitable crescendo, beats escalating alongside Alexander Burnett’s warm, tinsel vocals. You know the scene in Beauty And The Beast where the entire dining room revolves in a symbiotic mosaic of living parts? That’s how it feels when “The Tide” coalesces, an entire ecosystem of noise swimming in chirped, silky harmony. It’s a show tune for the age of electronic music, and Horton is our hypnotizing Music Man. Listen below.

“The Tide” is out now via Mermaid Avenue/Double Denim. Buy it here.