Princeton Students Protest Big Sean On Campus

Ivy League students in New Jersey are looking at Big Sean and saying, “I ain’t fuckin’ with yoouuuuuu!” The New York Times reports that Sean is booked to play a show at Princeton University this weekend, and some students are protesting his appearance, citing misogynistic lyrics. The idea is that campuses are working hard to combat sexual misconduct and that booking a rapper whose most popular song is directed at a “little stupid-ass bitch” is sending the wrong message. Duncan Hosie, a student who co-created a petition against the performance, is quoted as saying, “His language provides the ideological basis for gender-based violence against women.” They also cite a 2011 incident in which Sean was charged with sexual assault. But Sean hasn’t canceled his appearance, and neither has the student government who booked the show in the first place. All of this has gotten all tangled up with another campus free-speech controversy, one involving a group of white kids who performed in loincloths, and the details will seem incredibly tiresome to anyone who’s ever been to a liberal arts college and no longer goes there. If you’re so inclined, you can read all about it here.

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