Leon Bridges – “River”

Well, I know commercials that were artifically constructed by super-conglomerates aren’t supposed to give me chills, but this whole video is an expert narrative. It features former University Of Oregon Ducks quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, his family’s earnest, loving comments about how he inspires them (and all of his home state of Hawaii), prayer, and features a new song from old soul’s youngest voice, Leon Bridges. If you know anything about me — an Oregon-born diehard Ducks fan, religious and family-centric person with a vested interest in Bridges’ music — this commercial feels like it was designed solely with me in mind. But that’s the humbling thing about feeling like your individual qualities are individual, this video probably also appeals to thousands of people across America. Let’s spend a little time with the Bridges song — it’s somewhat hard to discern behind the commercial’s dialogue but you can stream it via Spotify. “River” is another bit of gorgeous soul, a gospel-flecked redemption narrative buoyed by an entire choir on the refrain. For more from the budding Fort Worth soul singer, check out “Lisa Sawyer” and “Coming Home.” Watch the commercial and hear “River” below.

Coming Home is out 6/23 via Columbia Records.

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