Goblin Rebirth – “Requiem For X”

The great Italian horror-prog band Goblin, responsible for doing the fucking terrifying scores for Dario Argento movies like Suspiria and Tenebre, have lately spun off into two bands. And one of those bands, Goblin Rebirth, has a self-titled album coming out next month. The first full song we’ve heard is “Requiem For X,” which is very much in the vein of the original Goblin. The track starts out with eerie chimes before building up to a triumphant instrumental-metal climax. According to guitarist Giacomo Anselmi, the song “tells the story of the death of a goblin” — this, even though it’s an instrumental. This is some heavy shit, and you can hear it below.

Goblin Rebirth is out 6/30 on Relapse.