Chris Stapleton Turned NYC Country Last Night

Chris Stapleton’s excellent debut solo album Traveller came out yesterday, and he marked the occasion by blazing through a sold-out late night set at Mercury Lounge. From his take on the George Jones classic “Tennesssee Whiskey” to the misty-eyed Los Angeles love song “When The Stars Come Out,” Stapleton delivers rebel-country blues that split at the seams to reveal heartfelt emotion. He also delivered a very rare, knock-down-drag-em rendition of his former band the SteelDrivers’ swaggering classic “Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey.”

Stapleton performed with a full band and, as always, accompanied by his wife Morgane, who provides moral support, tambourine, and some incredibly rich vocal harmonies. This guy has written songs for everyone from Luke Bryan to Adele, he’s been all over the internet lately, and he performed on The View yesterday, so get ready to hear him everywhere this summer. But these songs are resilient enough that they’ll hold up even after they become ubiquitous. Check out the photos of the performance above and get his album here.