Stream Monofonus Press’ We Jam By Condos Compilation (Stereogum Premiere)

Since 2007, the Texas-based record label and multimedia imprint Monofonus Press has been keeping Austin weird (sorry) by aiming to bridge fine art and DIY aesthetics. Lately they’ve released albums by Stereogum favorites including Austin’s Spray Paint and NYC’s Beech Creeps as well as a steady stream of video projects, literature, and more. Their latest offering is the humorously named We Jam By Condos, an 11-track compilation featuring all Austin bands. Consider it a primer on the city’s more outré, aggressive sounds, from Hidden Ritual’s pulsating, understated garage-psych track “Judy” to Aunt’s Analog’s harsh noise collage “I Saw You In A Dream” to SURVIVE’s scrap-heap synth-pop instrumental “Relays” to Empty Markets’ off-the-rails “On Rails.” (Also, you won’t find a better Texas punk-rock song title than Breakout’s “Punishment Capitol.”) On the whole, it’s an intriguing peek into a richly endowed scene. Stream the whole comp below.

Most of the bands on We Jam By Condos will be represented at a pair of release shows in Austin next week:

We Jam By Condos is out 5/14 on Monofonus Press. Pre-order it here.