Roses – “Quiet Time” (Stereogum Premiere)

It’s tough to see a good band break up, and the uncertainty surrounding the next steps for its members and fans can lead to many different outcomes. In the case of Abe Vigoda’s dissolution, there is an upside. Michael Vidal is revisiting his solid 2013 solo effort, and Juan Velasquez has moved on to form the trio Roses. Roses’ debut EP, Dreamlover, had a couple of memorable tracks, but they have really gelled on their latest single, “Quiet Time,” to be included on an upcoming cassette split with Moaning and a Converse 7″. Strict rhythms of grand piano chords, subdued drums, and groovy guitar and bass meld seamlessly before a synth solo bursts to the finish. I won’t go as far to say I’m glad Abe Vigoda broke up, but it’s nice to take time to hear the Roses.

Roses have some shows coming up in Southern California:

05/21 Los Angeles, CA @ the Echoplex
05/22 Los Angeles, CA @ The Bootleg
05/23 Riverside, CA @ Saturation Festival
06/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos ^
^ w/ No Joy

“Quiet Time” will be on a Converse 7″ and the Moaning split via Danger Collective.

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