Spotify Reportedly Expanding Into Video

The appeal of Spotify is pretty easy to figure out: Almost any song you might want to hear, on immediate demand, and without ads if you’re willing to pony up ten bucks a month. Spotify is not YouTube, and it’s hard to imagine any situation in which someone might want it to be YouTube. It’s the window you leave open on your desktop while you do other things. But that might be changing. Spotify, it would appear, wants to expand into video.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “has been reaching out to companies that specialize in making content for YouTube.” That could mean that Spotify wants to start producing original video content, sort of like the exclusives that Tidal is using as a selling point. They’re also looking into buying exclusive content and partnering with video-production companies. With the streaming wars heating up, it makes sense that Spotify would want to keep its edge. But does anyone really look forward to the day when we’ll all log into Spotify to watch videos?

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