Watch First Aid Kit’s Spine-Tingling Cover Of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” On Letterman

I’m at least in the running for the world’s biggest Simon & Garfunkel fan, and I also harbor some pretty intense adoration for the Swedish sister folk duo First Aid Kit. As luck would have it, David Letterman is partial to my absolute favorite S&G song “America” and used to sing it as a lullaby to his son, Harry, which is both adorable and jealousy-inducing. ALSO, fun bit of trivia: Letterman actually had Simon & Garfunkel themselves on his show to perform “America,” and you can watch that rendition here. But back to the present moment — the fact that Harry’s other song of preference for bedtime was “Stand By Me” might prove that coolness and good taste are hereditary. Anyway, as he closes out his incredible run as a late night show host, Letterman enlisted first Tracy Chapman to do “Stand By Me” and now First Aid Kit’s Klara and Johanna Söderbergto to do “America.” They decked themselves out in vintage-looking white lace for the occasion and enlisted a whole orchestra. As usual, they wouldn’t have needed anything other than their spine-tingling harmonies and a spare, acoustic guitar line, but I never begrudge a good string section! Watching two people who aren’t American play this gives the song new weight. Check out their stunning performance below.