Mark Ronson – “Feel Right” (Feat. Mystikal) Video

The last time someone made a video for a Mark Ronson song, it was for “Uptown Funk!,” and that turned out to be a world-changer. Now that “Uptown Funk!” is finally out of the #1 spot on Billboard, Ronson has gotten around to commissioning another video for a track from his weirdly underrated Uptown Special album. This one is for “Feel Right,” the track where permanently unhinged New Orleans rap veteran Mystikal swoops in to do some frantic snarling over a hard, precise James Brown pastiche. The video probably won’t leave a smoking crater in the earth, the way the last video did, but it tries hard anyway. In the clip, we see a little kid at a private-school talent show lip-syncing Mystikal, doing a pretty incredible bugged-out intense performance. This kid is awesome, and if he doesn’t at least get a sitcom deal out of this, I might have to light my butt. Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson plays a key role, and we get a few cameos toward the end, too. Watch it below.

Uptown Special is out now on RCA.