Popcaan – “Unruly Prayer” Video (Feat. Drake)

Popcaan – “Unruly Prayer” Video (Feat. Drake)

Bless Jamaican dancehall prodigy Popcaan for giving us this heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving in the midst of a particularly petty year. “Unruly Prayer” is a joyous, buoyant anthem of celebration and humility that rings out with particular grace, a dancehall hymn to usher in the summer. Mostly the video is clips of Popcaan and his crew hanging out in nature, waving flags and smoking blunts in peace. Look for a few cameos from everyone’s favorite co-signing superstar Drake; at one point he’s wearing a cape emblazoned with his possibly emoji-inspired prayer hands logo. That shot alone is something to be thankful for. The track was produced by Dinearo and floats by on amorphous synths and only a hint of a beat. More of an incantation than a song, “Unruly Prayer” reveals a subdued, tranquil side to Popcaan that’s very appealing. This song isn’t on his 2014 debut album Where We Come From, so he maybe he’s teasing a new project? I’ll be praying. Watch it below.

Where We Come From is out now, get it here.

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