Watch Killer Mike’s Incredible Real Time With Bill Maher Appearance

Watch Killer Mike’s Incredible Real Time With Bill Maher Appearance

Killer Mike should never stop rapping. He’s the best at it. But if Killer Mike ever does stop rapping, he should immediately join the pundit industry, since he’s already doing that job better than just about anyone else. Last night, Killer Kill from the Ville made his first-ever appearance as a panelist on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, a show he’s always wanted to appear on. And he was great. I mean, he was incredible. This morning, a whole lot of media sources are pointing out that he and Maher went after Bill O’Reilly together: “He’s more full of shit than an outhouse.” That’s a great soundbite, but just about everything Mike said on the show last night was amazing, including his comments about media coverage of Baltimore rioters and, in the Overtime segment, his hip-hop history lesson. Here’s someone who can speak with passion and eloquence about complicated issues, bringing out the complexity that so many pundits steamroll through, and he can be funny while he’s doing it. It’s just a command performance, and you can watch most of it below.

It seems pretty obvious that Mike’s first Real Time appearance will not be his last.

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