Watch Jay Z Diss Apple, Youtube, & Spotify During Freestyle At NYC B-Sides Concert

Last night, Jay Z held the first of two B-sides concerts at Terminal 5 in New York City, which was exclusively attended by Tidal subscribers, and could be livestreamed via the service. Towards the beginning of an extensive set, Jay took a moment to do a rare freestyle. In it, he dissed all of his music competitors, and paid tribute to Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Trayvon Martin. Throughout the night, he brought out some special guests including Jay Electronica, Young Jeezy, Memphis Bleek, and Beanie Sigel. And he paid tribute to the late B.B. King with a moment of silence, and Jimi Hendrix with a rendition of “Star Spangled Banner.” If you have a Tidal account, you can stream the entire concert here. Watch part of Jay’s freestyle and check out the setlist below.

That freestyle was so mean and vicious. So mean and vicious.

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Here’s the full lyrics to the freestyle via MTV:

And I don’t need no middle man to talk to my n—as
I understand if you don’t understand, I figure I’m Jigga
That’s where we differ
I take what’s mine, you accept what they give ya, I get ya
I don’t take no checks, I take my respect
Pharrell even told me go with the safest bet
Jimmy Iovine offered a safety net
Google dangled around a crazy check
I feel like YouTube was the biggest cul-prit
Them n—as pay you a tenth of what you’re supposed to get
You n—as die for equal pay right?
You know what I’m worth? I ain’t ya slave right?
You know I ain’t shuckin’ and jivin’ and hi-fivin’
You know this ain’t back in the days, right?
Well I can’t tell the way they killed Freddie Gray, right?
Shot down Mike Brown, how they did Tray, right?
Let ’em continue choking n—as
We gonna turn style (turnstile), I ain’t ya token n—a
You know I came in this game independent right?
Tidal, my own label, same difference
Oh, n—as is skeptical when it’s their own sh-t
You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich
Phil Knight is worth millions, you still bought them kicks
Spotify is nine million, they ain’t say sh-t
Lucy you got some esplainin’ to do
The only one they hatin’ on looks the same as you
That’s cool, I know they tryin’ to bamboozle you
Spendin’ millions on me to tryin’ to confuse you
I had to talk to myself, Hov you should be used to it
It’s politics as usual

“Dynasty Intro”
“Young Gifted & Black”
“Pump It Up” (Freestyle)
“Streets Is Watching”
“Friend Or Foe”
“Where I’m From”
“Say Hello”
“Politics As Usual”
“Guess Who’s Back”
“Show U How To Do This”
“Jigga My Nigga”
“Hovi Baby”
“22 Two’s”
“U Don’t Know”
“Intro / A Million And One Questions / Rhyme No More”
“So Ghetto”
“This Can’t Be Life”
“Party Life”
“Ignorant Shit”
“Grammy Family” (Freestyle)
“You, Me, Him And Her” [w/ Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Young Chris, & Neef]
“What We Do” (Freeway cover)
“I Made It” (Freestyle) [w/ Jay Electronica]
“Exhibit C” (Jay Electronica cover) [Jay Electronica and Just Blaze performed]
“Go Crazy” (Young Jeezy cover) [w/ Young Jeezy]
“Who Dat” (Young Jeezy cove) [w/ Young Jeezy]
“Can I Live”
“In My Lifetime (Remix)”
“Feelin’ It”
“Imaginary Player”
“Death Presidents (Part 1)”
“It’s Like That”
“Never Change”
“Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”
B.B. King moment of silence
“Star Spangled Banner” (Jimi Hendrix tribute)
“Public Service Announcement”

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