Tamaryn – “Hands All Over Me” Video

Tamaryn’s incredible new album Cranekiss is the pinnacle of gauzy, maximalist pop, and “Hands All Over Me” is the dreamy, psychedelic new single that I already wrote about as one of the 5 Best Songs Of The Week. Today, that track gets video, an illicit, torrid clip that blurs the line between prurience and spectacle. Tamaryn dances just out of reach of the pair of disembodied, gloved hands grabbing at her. She’s covered in glitter-and-fringe and seems to be dancing inside some sort of dark box with sliding panels and prying eyes at every turn. It’s interesting to watch this visual interpretation, because I heard the song as a sort of exultant, lustful track, but this re-imagines it as a battle with consent. Watch the Danilo Parra-directed clip below.

Cranekiss is out 8/28 on Mexican Summer. Pre-order it here.