Watch The Trailer For We Are Your Friends, Starring Zac Efron As An EDM DJ

All of the sleaziest dudes who lived in my freshman year college dorm were party promoters. They were the kind of guys who slipped garish neon-colored invitations under your door, the ones who told other guys that they would get into the club for free if they brought along at least four girls. Dudes who “promote” EDM college parties are not cool, which is why it’s hilarious that Zac Efron will star as a “cool” college promoter-turned-DJ in the new feature film We Are Your Friends, which was directed by Max Joseph and is set to be released this summer. Efron plays Cole, an aspiring 23-year-old producer whose only escape from the Valley is his burgeoning career as a DJ at exclusive parties in the Hollywood Hills. Muscle tees abound, and Zac Efron looks great in them! Watch a trailer below.

We Are Your Friends will be in theaters on 8/28.