Heather Woods Broderick – “Wyoming” Video

The lead single off Heather Woods Broderick’s new solo album Glider, “A Call For Distance,” is sprawling and pristine, loping through New Age, jazz, and folk with ease. Broderick followed it up with “Wyoming,” an even more expansive, woozy song that evokes the flat, hot plains of its namesake state. My mom grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming, so we visited there once when I was really little. Since I was raised in Oregon, it was shocking to me that I could see flat, arid land stretching on for miles all around, with no mountains, trees or bodies of water in between. “Wyoming” taps into that beautiful rural desolation, building to almost a wail at the end. It’s such a gorgeous, fuzzed-out reflection on a lifeless landscape; she manages to capture the beauty and harmony of the desolation as well as the loneliness. Listen.

Along with the song itself she’s released a muted, black and white video that eventually bleeds into color as the song builds. Directed and edited by Jeff Rowles, it was shot on super 16mm by Edward P. Davee. You can tell this video was not filmed in Wyoming because it has trees, oceans, and mountains. Watch it below.

Glider is out 7/10 via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.