Ghostface Killah Sometimes Mistakes Action Bronson’s Voice For His Own

Action Bronson sounds a lot like Ghostface Killah. The comparison used to come up in just about every Bronson review, in part because the resemblance is so strong that some listeners have occasionally confused the two NYC rappers. Turns out one of those confused parties is Ghostface himself. Pitchfork points to a Vlad TV interview in which Ghost explains that the first time he heard Bronson, “I thought he was me… I’m asking myself, ‘When the fuck I do that verse?'” He seems willing to believe Bronson’s story that he isn’t trying to bite Ghostface, his voice just sounds like that. However, he seems less inclined to accept the similarity if it turned out Bronson was altering the tone of his voice to match Ghostface’s rasp: “If that’s not the tone of your voice, then it’s like, ‘Yo bro, you a great actor.'” His ultimate conclusion? “If that’s his voice, then what the fuck you supposed to do? That’s just his fucking voice.” Watch below.