Watch Coldplay’s Game Of Thrones: The Musical In Full

The members of Coldplay are human beings alive in 2015, so like the rest of us, they’re all big Game Of Thrones fans; drummer Will Champions even played one of the musicians during the show’s Red Wedding season. And as part of the fundraising comedy marathon Red Nose Day, they’ve been working on a musical about Game Of Thrones. We’ve posted a bunch of teasers, but the full 12-minute sketch was on the Red Nose Day TV special last night, and now it’s online. It’s pretty funny! Coldplay, if nothing else, deserve credit for being willing to make themselves look like complete asses on TV, and we get the weird thrill of seeing various Game Of Thrones cast members in regular-people clothes. There’s also a Liam Neeson cameo, leading me to wonder if anyone has tried to cast him on Game Of Thrones. Check it out below.

After last week’s ending, it’s nice to have a reminder that Game Of Thrones can be fun television.