Palmistry – “Memory Taffeta” (Stereogum Premiere)

Palmistry is Benjy Keating, a London producer who makes effervescent hybrid pop tinged with deep melancholy. “Memory Taffeta,” Keating’s latest single, merges dancehall and R&B into something alien yet instantly recognizable, one of those musical archetypes that feels like it has always existed yet sounds unmistakably new. There’s satisfying friction in hearing such a gentle, world-weary voice transmitting a line like “She said, ‘Why you so unruly, darling?'” The minimal sonic framework mirrors that contrast, applying delicate impact to syncopated rhythms typically delivered with aggressive force. Such are the subtle pleasures of this music, which you should immerse yourself in below.

“Memory Taffeta” is out 6/9 on Mixpak.

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