Deradoorian – “A Beautiful Woman”

A month before Bitte Orca came out back in 2009, Dirty Projectors’ then bassist/vocalist Angel Deradoorian released her fantastic debut EP Mind Raft, which proceeded to get swept up in that album’s magnetic pull. It was both a gift and a curse: It got Deradoorian’s melty, whacked-out songs out there in a way that probably wouldn’t have been possible without the close association, but it also meant that she would be tied to David Longstreth and co. long after she left the band. Since then, she’s kept relatively quiet, picking collaborators with care — last year, she appeared on one track on Flying Lotus’ electronic-jazz experiment You’re Dead, and she acted as one-third of Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks.

But now, six years after the release of her debut EP and with Dirty Projectors firmly in the rearview mirror, she’s finally going to put out her first full-length in the hopes that it will stand on its own. “A Beautiful Woman” makes a strong case that it will. It’s the first single from her new project The Expanding Flower Planet, and it takes all the trippy experimentation of Mind Raft and rushes forward with a sense of urgency that she never quite reached with her weed jams before. And at the center of it all there’s that voice, which pings back and forth, high and low across the song, injecting itself into every twist and turn. Listen below.

01 “A Beautiful Woman”
02 “Expanding Flower Planet”
03 “Violet Minded”
04 “Komodo”
05 “Your Creator”
06 “The Invisible Man”
07 “DarkLord”
08 “Ouneya”
09 “The Eye”
10 “Grow”

The Expanding Flower Planet is out 8/21 via Anticon.