CFCF – “The Ruined Map”

There’s an early moment on CFCF’s new single, “The Ruined Map,” when Michael Silver’s voice catches and reverberates as he sings the opening line. Silver is a producer, and in this ruminating acoustic single, his vocal works serves his music just as well as any midi configuration might. It’s a different, but wholly welcome sound. “The Ruined Map” is the first single off of CFCF’s forthcoming album, Radiance And Submission, which is due out this summer. Silver’s often indistinguishable words weave themselves together into a multi-textured, but simple, piece. Initially wintry, it builds into something worthy of the early days of summer, its subtle bits of fingerpicking gathering in pointed places like moths around a porch light at dusk. Listen below.

Radiance And Submission is out this summer on Driftless Recordings.

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