KAEB – “When We Fall” Video

Next month, Geoff Barrow’s side project Beak> will release a new split EP — one side will feature new Beak> songs, while the other will have tracks from Kaeb, the band’s “alter-ego.” They’ve just shared “When We Fall,” the quiet and meditative first track from the release, and it’s accompanied by a video co-directed by Ex Machina/28 Days Later director Alex Garland and Ex Machina director of photography Rob Hardy. (Barrow did the score for that film along with Ben Salisbury.) It also stars Sonoya Mizuno, who also starred in Ex Machina. A lot of connections to that film! Watch the video and read a statement from Garland about the video below.

Beak> has a sound with a specific kind of directness. It’s not lo-fi; it’s just not over-thought. If the band records something which feels too comfortable with itself, they reject it. Rob Hardy, Sonoya Mizuno, Erline O’Donovan and I tried to make the video for “When We Fall” on their aesthetic terms: shot one afternoon on an iPhone, held up to the viewfinder of an old Nikon SLR, then cut as instinctively as possible.

(via Pitchfork)

01 “The Meader”
02 “The Broken Window”
03 “When We Fall”
04 “There’s No One” (Feat. Jonwayne)

The BEAK KAEB split EP is out in late July via Invada Records.