Class Actress – “High On Love”

Class Actress’ new EP Movies is shaping up to be something really special. For one, Giorgio Moroder serves as one of the executive producers, which lends it some serious pedigree — if the singles from his upcoming solo album is any indication, the legendary DJ has no shortage of ideas. And both tracks we’re heard from it so far — “More Than You” and “High On Love” — have been beautifully-rendered, understated swaths of synth pop. “You prey on me, then you pull me in,” Elizabeth Harper coos in the run to the chorus on the new track. “Is it fantasy when I feel your skin?” The chorus is a thing of elegance, opting out of a showoff-y buildup in favor of something more twinkling and ultimately more affecting. The track was produced by Moroder, Harper, and Latvian-born DJ Mess Kid. Listen below.

Movies is out 6/23 via Casablanca Records.