Public Access T.V. – “All We Want” Video

Public Access T.V.’s new video for “All We Want” captures the dewy-eyed nostalgia that the song evokes. It’s shot with a slippery camera that refuses to really focus on anything, but it still paints an evocative portrait of the band — that seems to have been the goal. In the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to do a music video like ‘Complete Control’ by The Clash or something where it’s just a video compiled of all this great unreleased footage sliced together to be a cohesive thing,” frontman John Eatherly explained in a press release. “Since starting the band a little over a year ago we have been filming random things just for fun nearly the entire time. I edited it in the back of the van during our recent tour. This video shows a glimpse into the world of Public Access T.V.” Check it out below.

Public Access T.V.’s Public Access EP is out now via Terrible Records.