5 Memorable Sets From Bonnaroo 2015 Saturday

Saturday at Bonnaroo can sometimes be a tricky thing. While you’re in the thick of the weekend and things can get a little crazy around the Farm, it’s also a night where there will be a headliner on the main stage, with a long set with few others (if anyone) playing at the same time across the festival grounds. Depending on your investment in whoever happens to be that headliner, Saturday can ironically wind up becoming a bit anti-climactic, especially if they’re following all-time highs from the preceding night. (Last year was Kanye on Friday and Jack White on Saturday, this year was Kendrick Lamar one night and Mumford & Sons the next — in both instances, Saturday was a letdown.) Coupled with the fact that seemingly all the good sets conflicted with each other, Saturday didn’t necessarily feel as bountiful as Friday, but there were still some great things happening, because this is still Bonnaroo and you’d have to try hard to go totally wrong here. Here are a few of those things, unranked and in chronological order.