London O’Connor – “Guts”

A few weeks ago, we announced London O’Connor’s debut album O? and premiered its lead song “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore.” Quickly after that, we dubbed his song one of the best of the week. Today he’s released “Guts” another track off his forthcoming album, and while it builds on the quirky, light sound he’s already established, it also delves deeper into darkness. Over big, booming programmed beats and moody synths, “Guts” rages against a laundry list of characteristics that seems far too long to belong to one dude, however “Steve” is mentioned. It seems more likely “Steve” is a concept representing the type of person O’Connor is wailing against on the song. If not, sorry Steve, you just got put on blast. What I like most about the song is the way he oscillates between the sung chorus and some tightly-rapped verses with seamless precision. Also, the way he pronounces some of these phrases like he’s a ’70s rock star is endlessly appealing. Listen below.

(via Fader)

O? is out 6/23 as a self-release.