Raury – “Devil’s Whisper”

Raury’s new track “Devil’s Whisper” debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show earlier today, and was named The Hottest Record In The World. It’s easy to see why it’d earn that designation. The Atlanta musician is coming off the release of his debut mixtape, Indigo Child, and the young artist is keen to show off his seemingly boundless energy and ideas. “Devil’s Whisper” starts off as a prickly Western folk song and gradually builds itself into a thumping electronic one — it’s a transition that’s as seamless and natural as his voice, which filters between looped gospel chants, urgent rapping, and pointed singer-songwriter enunciation.

“I’ve seen The powers that be and how deeply rooted they are in the poisoning of my people,” Raury wrote of the lyrical content. “I see what we’re up against…. My god, I may have no idea what I’m doing.” The first verse sees Raury singing as the devil devil himself, tempting: “Everything you touch can be golden/ But first you gotta listen to me.” The hurried second half is a feverish response, not to the devil but to a society who seems destined to do wrong — “Won’t act like I’m any better/ You are me, I am you” — and encourages people to take action: “You better run in some type of direction.” Listen below.

“Devil’s Whisper” is available on iTunes tomorrow.

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