5 Memorable Sets From Bonnaroo 2015 Sunday

Sundays at festivals can so often be a bittersweet thing. People are starting to get ragged, the festival grounds start to smell of some kind of putrid something, the big climactic headliners may have come and gone. So often, whoever’s left playing that final night, when the work week looms around the corner, has a lot to contend with — the steady encroachment of reality’s return, when you leave whatever weird bubble you’ve been living in for the past few days and have to go be a normal person again. While there did certainly feel like there was less going on during Bonnaroo’s fourth and final day, the things that were happening were very, very good, a redemptive final act after a lackluster headliner disrupted Saturday’s would-be peak. Once more, these are in chronological order, unranked.