Adult Mom – “Told Ya So”

“I spent years ashamed of myself, scared to cut the bad shit out of my life,” Steph Knipe sings on “Told Ya So,” the latest track from Adult Mom’s upcoming debut album, Momentary Lapse Of Happily. “‘Cause what is left when the bad is gone? I thought I’d be alone with no reason why.” These kinds of bare-boned, poignant bits of pop are the reason why we named them a Band To Watch last month, and why their new album hits so hard. Not all the songs on it are this positive, but there is a pervading sense that, through it all, we will end up on the other side, bruised but not broken. “Has anyone ever told you it’s okay to cry?” they ask at the start of the track. “Has anyone ever told you if I miss you I won’t die?” “Told Ya So” gives us permission to feel what we’re feeling, and strength to keep on going — “And it is okay to feel doubt, but just know you’re gonna find the way out,” Knipe ends the song on an uptick, as a playful keyboard echoes in response. The song radiates positivity, a beacon in a world that feels increasingly dark. Listen below.

Momentary Lapse Of Happily is out 7/28 via Tiny Engines. Preorder it here.

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