The 6 Best Moments Of Firefly 2015 Thursday & Friday

There’s a great funny-because-it’s-true joke in Wayne’s World that captures how the rest of the U.S. views Delaware. Wayne finds himself in front of a green screen in his show’s fancy new studio, and upon being “magically whisked away” to the state, he doesn’t know what to say past, “Hi, I’m in Delaware.” What do we really know about Delaware past good craft beer and “Diamond” Joe Biden anyway? The answer since 2012 has been Firefly — Dover’s four-day festival spanning 150 acres and nearly 120 acts — which, on the surface, resembles a big, boozy, college-party complete with glowing neon lights and tons of mud. (“It’s like walking in mashed potatoes!” one guy said. He was not wrong.) But even a few hours here reveal an added depth and maturity in the top-tier performers chosen as well as the fans, who are consistently pumped to get lost in the music, set after set, every single time. This year, they even had a little help from a Beatle. And Morrissey. And Run The Jewels. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here are seven great moments from the festival’s first two days, in chronological order.