Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – “Get The Money” (Feat. Vince Staples)

Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah is about to come out with Twelve Reasons To Die II, his third album in about eight months. Like 2013’s original Twelve Reasons To Die, this one is a fantastical rap opera that pairs Ghost up with the soul-funk composer Adrian Younge. We’ve already posted “Return Of The Savage,” with Raekwon and album narrator RZA, and “Let The Record Spin,” with Raekwon. And now young rap dude of the moment Vince Staples, whose excellent new album Summertime ’06 is streaming now, joins Ghost and Younge on the new track “Get The Money.” I’m not sure what role Staples is supposed to play in the album’s narrative, but he sounds absolutely poised and confident rapping alongside a guy who’s been famous since he was a baby. Listen below.

Twelve Reasons To Die II is out 7/10, in a number of different formats, on Linear Lab.